Thursday, 13 March 2014

Nanook Expedition all over

Thurday, Mars 12th: Wednesday 11th, I had to call for an emergency rescue. My toes were badly frostbitten, some hard as wood. During that first week, I endured a 3 day blizzard and very windy days as cold as -35. Every day, I was able to make some progression, and thought I was doing well, before Tuesday night. I spent so many years and money for that journey, it's a great disappointment to end up that way. I feel like I let down every one, friends and partners, who helped and supported the expedition. I'm very sorry.

Friday, May 30th: All my toes are well healed. And it's decided that I'll re-attempt a crossing of the Arctic by ski. I'm fascinated by this region and this challenge obsess me. If I give up that dream, I'll regret it all my life. I can't give a date for the next attempt, first I have to get back to work to pay a $14000 debt... And then save enough money to finance the journey.


  1. Dear Vincent,

    I am so very sorry your expedition ended so unexpectedly. I am glad you received emergency rescue and are safe now. Were they able to save your toes?

    I am curious what happened for your toes to reach that condition? I wasn't in those extreme prolonged temperatures, but had moisture management issues with my Steger Arctic mukluks not drying out as rapidly as it seemed they should.

    Prayers for a full recovery for you. May God startle you with joy!

  2. I didnt have any problem with moisture, but somehow, the boots were shrinking. Day after day, i had more difficulty to put them on in the morning. The cold made the leather shrink I guess. By been to squeezed, my toes froze. I didnt loss any luckily.

    1. Glad you didn't lose any toes! That's odd with the leather. I wonder if there was moisture from your sweat that caused the issue. That's what happened with mine, and I couldn't get them to dry fast enough even with swapping out liners. They were's soaked and were barely damp to the touch, but when I returned them, Steger told me they had clearly had enough moisture to start rotting out from the inside. That's with just 10 days/nights of use. I am thankful you are well.

      I am one who tries and fails often, but it sure is a wild and fantastic journey along the way! Enjoy whatever adventures await over the horizon.

      With abandon,